will they fit?

We believe customizing your mechanical keyboard should be easy, whether you built it yourself or bought it from a well-known brand. All of our keys are cast in common shapes that look fantastic on the widest possible range of off-the-shelf hardware.

stem fit

Cherry Festival keys are compatible with standard Cherry MX mechanical keyboard switches.

They’ll also fit Cherry MX-compatible switches like Gaterons, Kailhs, Outemus, Zealios, Halos, or Holy Pandas. If you see a cross shape when you remove your keys, Cherry Festival keys are very likely to fit.

If your keyboard came with your computer, is not mechanical, or is a “mechanical feel” keyboard, our keys probably won’t fit.

If you’re using a keyboard with a different mechanical switch type (like ALPS or Matias switches, Topre switches, a Razer with Opto-Mechanical switches, or a Logitech G keyboard with Romer-G switches), our keys won’t fit.

key shape

Even if a key fits, it can still look bad on your keyboard. We get it. That’s why we have a free return policy.

Cherry Festival makes keys in two profiles: “squared” and “rounded.” Our squared profile matches most Ducky, Das Keyboard, SADES, and Redragon keyboards, as well as most lesser-known brands on Amazon. Our rounded profile is slightly taller and has more pronounced rounding on the corners. It matches most Corsair keyboards.