will they fit?

We believe customizing your mechanical keyboard should be easy, whether you built it yourself or bought it from a well-known brand. All of our keys are cast in common shapes that look fantastic on the widest possible range of off-the-shelf hardware.

stem fit

Cherry Festival keys are compatible with standard Cherry MX mechanical keyboard switches.

They’ll also fit Cherry MX-compatible switches like Gaterons, Kailhs, Outemus, Zealios, Halos, or Holy Pandas. If you see a cross shape when you remove your keys, Cherry Festival keys are very likely to fit.

If your keyboard came with your computer, is not mechanical, or is a “mechanical feel” keyboard, our keys probably won’t fit.

If you’re using a keyboard with a different mechanical switch type (like ALPS or Matias switches, Topre switches, a Razer with Opto-Mechanical switches, or a Logitech G keyboard with Romer-G switches), our keys won’t fit.

key shape

Even if a key fits, it can still look bad on your keyboard. We get it. That’s why we have a free return policy.

Cherry Festival makes keys in OEM profile, since that’s what most mechanical keyboards use. If you didn’t specifically put SA, DSA, DCS, or Cherry profile keys on a custom build, you probably have OEM! Note that our profile is not an exact match for boards that use special, proprietary key shapes like Corsair. They’ll still fit, but they’ll have a slightly different shape and curvature.