international shipping

Canadians you’re (kind of) in luck! We love you and will ship to you for only $14.50 plus $3 per key/set in each order!

Otherwise we ship to the following countries via USPS for a flat $17 charge, plus $3 per key/set in each order:

We’re really sorry about how expensive it is. We realize that, promise! Shipping internationally isn’t cheap, and we try to calibrate the shipping prices so that we make the same profit on international orders as US orders, but we get it–the sticker shock is crazy. There’s just not much we can do about it, being a tiny keycap shop!

Unfortunately we do not offer free returns on international orders. If you’re ordering within the US we include a free, prepaid return label you can use to conveniently return your keys for any reason. You may still return international orders for a full refund, but we do not cover the return shipping. The profit margin really is not enough for international return shipping to occur, so please check our reviews and make an informed decision before ordering. We really do our best to send a perfect product out, but international shipping is punishing business! We’ll make every reasonable effort to make your order right, though.

If you’re in a country not listed above, please contact us at to order. We may still ship to your country; however, we will not cover damages, refund shipping costs, or attempt resends for these packages once they’ve left the US. There are some countries where orders simply go missing in customs or are routinely stolen before delivery. Contact us and we can advise you on whether ordering is a good idea or not 🙂