how are they made?

Each of our keys is made by hand in a small shop in Washington state, US. We start with tiny branches and arrange petals onto them with tweezers, then reinforce the artwork with resin.

decorative keycap photo showing blossoms with tweezers

When we’re ready to make keys, we place artwork into one of our custom-made, mirror-finished molds. High-clarity, UV-resistant, vacuum-degassed urethane is added into the mold and pressed back out, and the whole setup is then subjected to several days of carefully-planned heat, pressure, and cooling routines. The amount of time and attention the process takes is why the keys are more expensive than mass-produced sets.

Where the keys are made

You may have noticed that the centerpiece of the shop is a large fume hood. While our urethane is still in an unreacted liquid state it releases dangerous gasses! Please remember to control your air flow and wear gloves and a respirator if you plan to make your own keycaps! Once the plastic is fully cured it’s no longer dangerous and is much the same as any of your other keycaps.

When the keys are cured up and ready to come out of their molds, we carefully cut them free and remove any excess plastic by hand with flush cutters, like you’d use on a model kit. We then test each key individually for stem fit and strength, straightness, and overall aesthetic appeal.

workshop shipping room

Finished keys wait in the shipping room for your order! We ship every day except Sundays and federal holidays. To learn more, browse our special knowledge section!